United States

Rodney (Barney) Barnett

Team Leader


Bunnythorpe, NZ.

How long have you worked for Tru-Test Group?

Since 2000 after transferring from Fletchers.

How do you think your co-workers would describe you?

Straight to the point. I call a spade a spade.

What do you love about working for Tru-Test Group?

The challenge and the people. Tru-Test Group strives to be the best and to continually improve in all areas of the business so there is always a challenge on improving the way we do things. The people we have are from all walks of life but we seem to make it work well.

What would you say to someone who is looking to join our team?

If you’re looking for a challenge. Want to work for a company that is continually getting better in there field and who is very focused on  the future.  Tru-Test Group is the place to be.