United States

Moonyeen (Moon) Greathead

Communications Manager - Technical


Auckland, NZ

How long have you worked for Tru-Test Group?

9 years

How do you think your co-workers would describe you?

I think they would describe me as funny, caring, supportive, focussed and measured.

What do you love about working for Tru-Test Group?

My individuality is respected and my managers have always been very supportive of my career-path within the business, as well as supporting me in completing my degree extramurally.  I have a great job which I love doing, and I am able to work within my natural skill set.  Any further career upskilling is encouraged at Tru-Test Group which means that I don’t stagnate in the business, but am on a positive career growth trajectory to be efficacious in my role, and contribute towards the success of the team.

What would you say to someone who is looking to join our team?

Be open-minded, willing to roll up your sleeves and get the job done and most importantly, to see your role at Tru-Test Group as an opportunity to realise your personal career goals and contribute towards the team’s achievements.