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Beyond the Line of Sight: Farming & the Future of Food

Beyond the Line of Sight: Farming & the Future of Food

Tru-Test Group was founded 50 years ago on industry-changing innovation by our founder John Hartstone with the world’s first commercial proportional flow milk meter. This innovation significantly impacted the improvement of the global dairy herd and the production of higher quality milk. 

In celebration of our 50th anniversary, Tru-Test Group is proud to present 'Beyond the Line of Sight: Farming & the Future of Food’ in partnership with Callaghan Innovation and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise  – an industry event to challenge, prepare and anticipate disruptive innovation.

This confronting and thought provoking TEDx-styled event is bringing together a line up of highly-regarded entrepreneurial scientists, futurists and international academics before an audience of around 400 industry leaders at Auckland's Shed 10 on November 10th. The day will focus on current international trends and emergent technologies which could have disruptive implications for our primary and food systems. 

The ‘Beyond the Line of Sight' event is a way of giving back to the agricultural sector says Tru-Test Group CEO Greg Muir. “Preparing for change is critical to business success. We must acknowledge the fast-changing rules of doing business and anticipate dynamic shifts in our traditional value chains. We hope ‘Beyond the Line of Sight’ will challenge and open minds to consider and prepare for a fundamentally different future.” 

During the event, New Zealand’s agri-business thought leader, Ian Proudfoot (KPMG’s Global Lead Partner for Agribusiness and Food who authors some of the most comprehensive analyses of New Zealand's agri-food) will set the scene of New Zealand’s place amongst shifting global trends.

Following on will be a series of interactive presentations from Callaghan Innovation-sponsored speakers Professor Mark Post, most well-known for creating the world’s first lab-grown beef by transforming muscle cells to cultured processed meat; Professor Gregory Dudek, a specialist in mobile robotics, navigation and computational vision; New Zealand born Rhodes Scholar, physicist and decathlete Sean Gourley whose company Quid uses big data to build software that augments human intelligence; and Thomas Frey, a futurist from the US-based DaVinci Institute, who unravels the driving forces behind emerging trends and the implications for people and industries. 

Finally NZTE-sponsored Bradley Kreit, Research Director for the US based Institute for the Future (IFTF) which researches large-scale change in health, food and technology and explores how emerging technologies and sciences are reshaping the global food web.


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